Events in Iceland

What´s going on?

On this page we recommend some events which are well worth seeing

DateNameWhat´s going on
07.11.-10.11.18.Icelandic AirwavesMusic Festival, Location: various locations in Reykjavik
15.03.-18.3.18HönnunarMarsArt & Designfestival, various locations in Reykjavik
April 2018Blues FestivalReykjavik Blues Festival, Location: various locations in Reykjavik
26.06.-30.06.18WOW Air RaceCycle Marathon around Iceland
17.06.18Iceland National DayIndependence Day, parade and various events
First weekend in JuneFestival of the SeaEvent at the old harbour
20.6.-23.6.2018Arctic OpenGolf Tournament in the midnight sun
18.08.18Reykjavik Marathon13.000 participants, Reykjavik goes crazy!
18.08.18Kulturfestival ReykjavikCulture Festival Reykjavik – „Menningarnótt“. Location: various locations in Reykjavik
07.11.-10.11.18.Icelandic AirwavesMusic Festival. Location: various locations

Date: 1.02.2018 (Subject to change without notice)

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