Riding Holiday in Iceland

On Horseback

Have you ever dreamed of riding through untouched nature on the back of an Icelandic horse? Passing majestic glaciers, mighty volcanoes, colourful lava fields and hot springs? Especially among Iceland fans, this is a dream that not only horse fans cherish. Exploring the island in the North Atlantic on horseback is an incomparable experience that you just should not miss.

Where the most beautiful riding tours in Iceland lead to, which highlights you shouldn’t miss and why a real Icelandic horse should never leave: We summarised all of that for you in this post.

Once Iceland, always Iceland

Horses that don't do travelling

They are famous, unique and you simply have to like them: Icelandic horses are a unique breed. These stocky animals have a spirited mind and are very frugal.

In winter, these "all-rounders", who are very popular both as leisure horses and in sports, put on a thick winter coat. As a rider, adults as well as children are carried to their destination on horseback.

Iceland Horses

100% Iceland

A peculiarity is the pure blood of these animals, which is guarded like the crown jewels: A horse is only allowed to be called an Icelandic horse, when it is traceable and completely 100% without any crossbreeding.

Since the import of horses is prohibited to assure the protection of the species in Iceland, horses that were born here and once left the island can never return.

Riding more comfortable in Iceland:

The Tölt is a special type of canter, whose footing corresponds to that of the "step", except that the horse has only one or two hooves on the ground alternately.

Due to the missing jump phase, the rider sits comfortably on the horse almost without any bumping up and down.

On a riding tour in Iceland

Getting to know the country and nature

A horseback tour through Iceland isn’t only the perfect opportunity to get to know the famous Icelandic horses in more detail - you also get close to the nature and the countryside.

After landing in Keflavik and spending the night in Reykjavik, we head straight into the adventure of Iceland. The big city stays behind and everything around you gets calmer. On the way, you will visit hot springs, stay in highland huts and discover the Icelandic vegetation from new angles.

Throughout the island, many traditional riding stables have been established, from which you embark on an unforgettable journey through Iceland. One of these farms is the Eyvindarmúli. On the way from Reykjavik to the homestead, a detour to the hot springs on the Geysir and the Gullfoss will be included - two of the three highlights of the Golden Circle.