Hiking and Trekking in Iceland

Discovery journey in untouched nature

For hiking lovers Iceland is a small paradise in the middle of the Atlantic sea. The diverse, untouched nature, the unique landscapes and above all the constantly improving infrastructure offer everything the trekking heart desires:

Highland hikes, glacier tours, volcanic ascents - there is something for every fitness level. If you want to cover higher distances in a shorter amount of time, you can choose between guided tours with jeeps or a rental car.

Hiking vacation in Iceland

What you really need to know

Whether you decide to hike inland or explore the impressive fjords along the coast: From Reykjavik you can reach the starting points of the most beautiful tours via the ring road. This leads around the island and is relatively easy to navigate.

If you drive to more remote areas, it is advisable to take along enough food and appropriate outdoor clothing! Our guided hiking tours are accompanied by vehicles, which transport the luggage and the food. A private chef provides typical Iceland delicacies. Rental equipment such as tents and sleeping bags are usually included in the offer.

Snack in Icelandic

If you walk diligently, you can also eat vigorously.
And who wanders in Iceland, should definitely try some typical Icelandic delicacies!

  •   Flatkaka
    "Flat bread" - a typical Icelandic bread. This flatbread is only prepared with flour, water and salt and often eaten with Hangikjöt (smoked lamb)
  • Rúgbrauð
    "Rye bread" - dark, usually sweet tasting rye bread. Nickname: Thunder bread (flatulence when over-eating)
  • Reyktur lax
    "Smoked salmon", recommended with graflaxsósa (salmon sauce)
  • Síld
    "Atlantic herring", laid in e.g. in curry sauce, recommended together with the sweet Rúgbrauð
  • Ostur
    "Cheese" - various sorts
  • Skonsur
    "Thick pancakes", recommended with síld, cheese slices, lamb liver pate etc.
  •  Malt
    "Malt" drink in the tin, on special occasions a mixed drink with Appel's (similar to Fanta) is served. You can also mix malt and Appelsin (in the can) 50:50 - addictive!
  • Samloka
    "Sandwich" in all variations, recommendations: Tunfisk (tuna), Kjuklingur (chicken), Hangikjöt (lamb) etc. Available at almost every gas station!
  • Hardfisk
    "Hard fish" - dried fish, Recommended as a substitute for chips and as a snack in between two meals
  • Skyr
    Traditional Icelandic dairy product which is comparable to quark or thick yoghurt
Camping in Iceland

Overnight in the great outdoors

Although wild camping is tolerated in Iceland, it is permitted in national parks only in designated areas. The consideration of the vegetation is decisive, which due to the temperatures in Iceland has little time for regeneration - even without a hiker who spends a night on them.

In addition, there are a lot of campsites in Iceland - we are happy to advise you in choosing the most beautiful facilities. Those arriving late in the evening often find the reception unoccupied. In this case, you just pick a place and do the bureaucracy the next morning. There are also unattended campsites where you should leave a contribution in a box or a cash tin in the evening. The facilities can differ in terms of equipment – especially having a shower can be an "experience in itself” sometimes! However often they can be avoided by using connected swimming pools.


With the Iceland Campingcard for € 99, - families have an advantage.

It is valid for a whole season (usually 1.6.-31.8.) On 46 campsites around Iceland for two adults and up to four children up to the age of 16 years. Multiple nights per campsite are possible. The card can be purchased online - if you have any questions, we are happy to help.

Glacier tours and more

Discovering Iceland

Around Iceland, there are numerous tours to explore the North Island on your own. Often the company of an experienced guide is an advantage, because the walking routes are partly on unmarked paths.

In addition, the weather conditions in Iceland can turn faster than you are used to from the mainland. Fast ascending fog makes for an unprepared adventure when you walk through a lava field. It is therefore even more important to keep an eye on the weather forecast in advance of planned hikes!

We will gladly advise you in the choice of your goals and give tips for the right equipment. For example, find out about our glacier hike, where you can try ice climbing with an English-speaking guide!


Iceland's most popular hiking trail

The "Hot Springs Trail" is one of Iceland's most beautiful tours and goes past Eyjafjallajökull, which erupted in 2010. From Landmannalaugar it leads to Þórsmörk, from where the hike to Skógar can be extended.

Usually the tour is completed in this direction - the starting point and end point can be reached by bus from Reykjavik. The hike takes about three to four days. At the end of each stage, a hut with an attached campsite will be reached. On the way, dreamy lakes, colourful lava fields, hot springs and fantastic views can be enjoyed.


From the moment you arrive at Keflavik Airport, our offer "Iceland Trekking - Hiking in the Colourful Mountains" will provide everything you need. We are happy to inform you more closely and accompany you on your adventure at Laugavegur between the fresh lava fields of Eyjafjallajökull, which erupted in 2010, and the light birch forests of Þórsmörks!

On expedition

Discover the nature of Iceland: we are happy to advise you!

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