The Blue Lagoon

Wellness Holiday in Iceland

A 5,000 square meter, bright blue lake, with water temperatures fluctuating between 37 ° and 42 ° C during winter: does that sound good to you? Then you should definitely take a trip to the famous Blue Lagoon while on holiday in Iceland.

In the Lava Field

Warm Springs in Cold Lava

Near the capital Reykjavik and Keflavik Airport, the waters are one of the most popular destinations among visitors and residents of the North Atlantic Island. The lava field surrounding the Blue Lagoon bears the name "Illahraun" - lava of terror.

No wonder because the rugged rock was still considered impassable during early times. Today you can easily reach the middle of this unique region on a wide road (number 43).

Soothing lake

Iceland's most famous lagoon in blue

The lava field in which the Blue Lagoon is located was created in 1226. However, the lake itself became a thing much late on: In the nearby Svartsengi thermal power plant (named after the volcanic system in which it is located), 240 ° hot water was provided from about 2,000 meters deep to the surface to gain energy in 1978. The completely pure water was then diverted to the Illahraun, where the Blue Lagoon was created.

In the meantime, a small hospital with its own rooms for spa guests, a restaurant and a research station has sprung up around the water. For a long time, the thermal bath has had a perfect infrastructure, including its own pumping system to transport the precious water from the depths.


The modern wardrobes and showers of the thermal bath provide an excellent service for guests. Showering in front of the bathroom is normal in Iceland - more about that in our article, what you should know about Iceland!

The Secret of the Blue Lagoon

Where does the blue colour come from?

The secret of the Blue Lagoon is decided by the small detail, as so often in nature: One-third of the water consists of seeped freshwater and two-thirds of salted-in seawater. The dissolved silica reflects blue light and makes the lagoon shine in its typical colour.

The silica contained in the water provides an incomparable bathing experience and helps with psoriasis and other skin diseases.

Wellness Holiday in Iceland

Experiencing more while travelling

In the neighbouring research station and the adjoining hospital, the curative substances of the Blue Lagoon are examined closely. Salts and algae were extracted and refined into special beauty and wellness products. Besides a relaxing swim in the Blue Lagoon, other amenities include:

  • Massage station
  • Sauna
  • Steam Bath
  • Lava Cave
  • A Waterfall


In the restaurant of the thermal bath, the so-called "Blue Cocktails" don’t just match the colour perfectly of the lake in front of you. The refreshing drinks are also a great accompaniment to a small snack, where you can enjoy the view of the breathtaking scenery around the Blue Lagoon.

Travel through Iceland

Wellness holiday at the Polar Circle

Thanks to its ideal location near Reykjavik, a visit to the Blue Lagoon on holiday in Iceland can be perfectly combined with another highlight: After a relaxing swim, explore the Golden Circle.

Perfectly relaxed and recovered, discover a whole range of the island's most popular sights right away: The Thingvellir, the Geyser and the Gullfoss.


By the way, you will also find this combination in our offer "Wellness in the Blue Lagoon & Golden Circle", where you can find out more details.